This has been one of the busiest holidays for me – leaving a job, starting a new one, moving to a new apartment, leaving my family and friends, and throw a wedding, Christmas and New Years in there.  However, amidst all of the craziness of the holidays, Kirby came through again to show me what they are all about.

They say Kirby is a “special needs” child, which makes one think that she is challenging to care for and keep happy. But really, Kirby loves and appreciates all the things that we overlook, particularly during the holidays. Kirby appreciates it when I get down on the floor to her level and hold her hand while I watch a Christmas special on TV.  She appreciates holiday shopping trips with me.  In fact, I bet she even appreciates the little sip of champagne she had from my mom on Christmas Eve.  Her life is her relationship with other people.

So for the rest of the holidays, my focus is relationships.  I have an opportunity to spend my last few days at home with all the people I care about.  I am not going to let myself be consumed by the holiday chaos, I am just going to look around at how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Thanks Kirbs for showing me how to enjoy the holidays!