Fundraising Opportunities

Have Fun With This Office “Fun-Raiser”  We Dare You!

Here’s a fundraising idea that can be challenging and fun for everyone in your office.  Are you willing to take a dare for kids afflicted with Sanfilippo?  Here’s how it works.  Your company pledges a total amount it would be willing to donate to The Foundation.  Then each employee willing to take on a dare chooses the dare and the amount to be donated if he or she follows through.  There can be a list of suggested dares with donation amounts, or you can leave it up to the employees to get creative and have some fun.  Do a dance or perform a song on the street, or for the office, wear heels for a day (that would be a guy thing), get a Mohawk, do cartwheels down a hall, eat or drink a mystery concoction — all for fun and a great cause.

A Match For The Cure

Does your company have a matching gift program?  It could double your support of The Foundation.

United Way Can Be For The Foundation Too

Does your company have United Way pledges at your workplace?  Although we are not a United Way member, you can designate The Children’s Medical Research Foundation as your recipient, and the funds will be forwarded to us through the United Way Campaign! Simply give your local United Way agency The Foundation name, address and our Federal ID #36-4033667.

Give Security

Tired of taxes?  The Foundation now has a brokerage account available that allows you to donate appreciated securities.  Why pay tax on the gains when you can realize a charitable deduction of the full market value of your stocks.  Contact Sue Wilson at (708) 784-0631 to learn more.


Is there a special birthday coming up for a family member or friend?  Are you looking for an alternative to the typical “over the hill” gift?  Be different.  In lieu of gifts, donate to The Children’s Medical Research Foundation.

A Gift Like No Other

This holiday season give clients, family or friends a donation to The Children’s Medical Research Foundation in their name. It’s a gift that won’t gather dust and goes far beyond any other.