Everyday,  I take the train into downtown Chicago and walk nearly a mile to get into my Michigan Avenue office.  Although some days I have to dodge the unruly cab driver, here or elbow my way through Union Station, the city’s beauty never ceases to amaze me.

However, what amazed me more was the passion Kirby’s special ed teacher showed toward her students.  I don’t know if I could name another person who’d be willing to take a class full of wheelchair-bound students downtown on public transportation.  Yes, that means loading all the students on a train, navigating through the bustling Union Station, and making that mile-long trek to Michigan Avenue.  All so that each of these students could enjoy the beauty of Millennium Park.  So, naturally I took the opportunity to step out of the office and enjoy the afternoon with her.

It felt so incredible to know that Kirby spends her days with a teacher who is so devoted to her students experiencing life like any other high school student.  So, as I walk to work each day, I’m so grateful that Kirby is in the hands of a woman that helps her explore this beautiful city.